Eminem이 어린이들에게 하는 10가지 충고


Eminem is definitely not known to be as sweet as the candy his name mimics. But on The Late Show with David Letterman, the master of enraged rhyme got to rocked our minds with some puntastic advice called Top Ten Eminem Pieces Of Advice For Kids.  

Eminem educated the children in his usual thug style–with a monotone delivery and a frigid expression.  Watch his performance with a full transcript of his “rules” after the break!

Print these out and put them on your fridge so you never forget the sage advice of Daddy Shady.

“Top Ten Eminem Pieces Of Advice For Kids.”

10: Keep it real.

9: No one’s ever regretted a tattoo.

8: With foreign markets volatile, now is a good time to invest in bonds.

7: Go see Toy Story 3–the toys are back in town.

6: Always purchase music through authorized retailers that pay royalties to the  artist.

5: Don’t get mixed up with drugs, gangs, or oil executives.

4: Remember the magic words: “Please”, “Thank you”, and “Step off B*tch.”

3: Money doesn’t buy happiness. It buys crazy-a** happiness.

2: If I sign something for you, and I see it on E-bay, when you go home, I’m going to be under your bed.

1: Don’t waste your time watching this show.

Watch as Eminem gives us his hilarious advice on The Late Show with David Letterman:

  • What’s your favorite piece of advice from Eminem?

[Source: ONTD]

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